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Business Fitness: The Power to Succeed—Your Way by Dawn G. Lennon

(Glenbridge Publishing, 2007, 232 pp., hardback)

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Business Fitness demystifies the process for achieving success in business and then provides seven smart moves to get there and stay there. Whether you work for an organization or yourself, you will benefit by learning how to become business fit—prepared and ready to take on any workplace challenge and succeed.
Learn about the power of the four private moves: Stay Well, Stay Focused, Stay Current, and Stay Connected. And then about the public ones: Attract a Following, Take the Lead, and Implement New Ideas.
Reinvigorate your confidence, take charge of your business life, and move forward from a position of strength that delivers results—your way.
“Whether you are just starting out or are in a mid-life career shift, this book provides practical guidance for career success. The straightforward exercises and observations make it easy to find your direction. The author's style is refreshing…; it is clear, concise and user-friendly. I highly recommend it.” - K.V. Blume, Esq. and owner, Conflict Resolution Services 

Books Edited by Dawn Lennon

The Hug: A Veterinarian’s Secret Potion, by Gene Witiak, V.M.D.
(Chernay Printing, Inc., 2008, 212 pp., paper)

$20.00, includes shipping within the U.S.

True Confessions of a Veterinarian: An Unconditional Love Story, by Gene Witiak, V.M.D.
(Glenbridge Publishing, 2004, 208 pp., hardback) 

$20.00, includes shipping within the U.S.


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